5 Signs your Cleveland Tree Needs Trimming

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While winter and fall are the best seasons to trim a tree, there are instances where you may want to call a Cleveland tree trimming company, which can happen any time of the year. Look for these five signs that tell you that your tree is ready to be trimmed.

Greenery Overload

It is said that everything is best when in moderation. This also applies to trees. When you look at your tree, can you see through the leaves or branches? If the answer is no, then your tree is due for a trim. When branches are too dense with leaves it is easier to catch the wind and topple over.

Broken Branches

Heavy rain and wind storms can snap off large branches on even the strongest of trees. If you see a lot of branches littering your yard after a storm, the branches need to be cleaned up and the trees should be checked. A tree with a lot of missing branches, or main branches is a risk to your property and to you.


Not all cankers look the same as there are a few varied types. In general, a canker looks like an isolated dead patch, a discolored area, or a caved in portion and is caused by a number of things such as: lawnmowers, insects, fungus, or weed killer chemicals. You might need to search around a bit though since it may occur on bark, branches, stems, and twigs. If you see a canker on one of your trees, call a professional at VanCuren to come and inspect. Cankers can leave a tree highly vulnerable to bacteria and fungus among other problems.

Large, Deep Cracks

Fluctuations in temperature are usually the reason why you might find deep cracks in the bark of the tree. For example, in freezing temperatures the water from the tree’s cells freezes which causes the wood to shrink. This shrinkage is not evenly dispersed and the pull between the regular, unfrozen wood and the frozen, dehydrated wood starts to make deep cracks. The frost cracks can be prevented, however by trimming the tree.

Growth Gone Wild

Regularly scheduled trimming for your tree helps keep its shape, strength, and disease-resistant properties. An unbalanced tree is a danger to your property and to you. This especially applies to young trees that require more attention and guidance for growth. Rely on a professional arborist to make sure that trimming is done safely while maintaining the health of your tree.


If you notice any of these five signs on the trees around your property, give our VanCuren professionals a call for a free inspection or to schedule a Cleveland tree trimming project.

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