Stump Grinding

Efficient and Eco-Friendly Cleveland Commercial Stump Removal

Why Remove Tree Stumps? After trees are felled and removed from a commercial site, it takes added time and money to remove the stump that remains. Grinding stumps may require a small investment of resources, but it is well worth it! Here are just a few reasons why commercial property owners in Northeast Ohio decide to have their tree stumps removed or grinded:

  • They are ugly! Everyone can agree that old stumps dotting a landscape are unattractive. And when weeds and other plants start to grow around them, they look even worse! Removing these eyesores is absolutely essential to creating an inviting, beautiful commercial landscape.
  • They are can be hazardous. Tree stumps pose tripping hazards to people visiting your commercial property, leaving you open to expensive personal injury lawsuits.
  • They can be unsanitary. In addition to being ugly and unprofessional, rotting tree stumps can attract insects and play host to mold and parasites that can spread elsewhere on your property.
  • They can cause new trees to sprout. Some stumps will form sprouts instead of rotting, eventually transforming into unattractive shrubs or trees.

Why Stump Grinding is the Preferred Removal Method

Without intervention, it can take upwards of 10 years for a stump to rot away. There are a variety of ways to remove a tree stump proactively, from using harsh chemicals to employing good old fashioned elbow grease. By far the fastest, most cost-effective, and most ecologically sound method, however, is stump grinding. While it is possible to rent a tree stump grinder, they are hard to manage and are dangerous if you have not been properly trained on their use. A tree care professional will have the knowledge and experience to grind any stump, large or small.

Cleveland’s Best Commercial Stump Grinding Professionals

If you decide to hire an arborist to grind stumps on your commercial property, make sure you do your homework first; not all tree care companies in the Greater Cleveland area are created equal! We invite you to see for yourself why VanCuren Tree Services is the best local source for commercial stump grinding. Our teams receive extensive training in grinding best practices and safety standards. Moreover, our grinding equipment is unparalleled in strength and speed, meaning that we can eliminate your troublesome tree stumps and create a beautiful landscape in no time. For these reasons and more, VanCuren has been the preferred stump grinding company in Cuyahoga County since 1986!

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Do you own a business or commercial property in Northeast Ohio? Is an unsightly stump defacing your landscape? Grind away your problem with VanCuren Tree Services! Contact our commercial stump grinding experts for a free stump grinding quote.

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What People Are Saying

  • VanCuren Services has been our “go-to” clearing contractor since 2009, tackling both residential and commercial projects across Northeast Ohio.  Most notable project include ODOT Innerbelt Bridge, Cleveland Medical Mart and the NEORSD Superior Stones project.  Dave and his crews are experienced professionals and perform each project with safety as a top priority. I can recommend them with confidence.

    - Vic DiGeronimo, Jr.( Independence Excavating, Inc. Commercial Tree Removal (May 2017) )
  • The precision in which VanCuren took down the dead trees around our home was amazing! The only way we knew VanCuren was there is that the dead trees were gone!

    - Meghan( Gates Mills, Ohio Tree Removal May 2017 )
  • The attention to detail in clearing our property in preparation of building our new home was impeccable!

    - Matt( Gates Mills, Ohio Land Clearing May 2017 )
  • I had a lot of tree trimming done and removals and I barely noticed the crew was at our house. They did their work quickly without interfering and cleaned up very nicely.

    - Lurlie( Independence, Ohio Tree Trimming and removal May 2017 )
  • VanCuren came to my house after I left for work and when I came home, all of tree removals and trimming were completed and the yard perfectly cleaned up. Very professional company.

    - Paul( Bainbridge, Ohio Tree Removal April 2017 )