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Providing Northeast Ohio Trees the Support They Need

What are cabling and bracing? While many trees live for generations, they are still susceptible to deterioration from environmental stress over time. Because of this, trees in commercial and other public settings often require some kind of supplemental physical support to reduce the risk of structural failure in limbs, trunks, or root systems. Cables and bracing rods are two of the most common tools employed by professional arborists to protect a tree’s structural integrity and limit its movement. Metal cabling and bracing between limbs or between the tree and the ground can support weak branches, stabilize splitting branch junctions, secure heavy horizontal branches, separate rubbing limbs, and brace trunks. Trees with cabling or bracing are thus far less likely to sustain serious damage during violent storms.

When Might a Tree Require Cabling or Bracing?

There are a variety of reasons why a tree on a commercial property might need cables or brace rods. Some of the most common scenarios seen in Northeast Ohio include:

  • Mature Trees: Older trees with broad canopies often have lower branches that grow horizontally and have a lot of pressure placed on them, causing them to droop and break. Cabling or bracing is an excellent alternative to removing these safety hazards without compromising the tree’s appearance.
  • Multi-Trunked Trees: Trees that have grown with more than one main trunk are often subject to structural failure in inclement weather. Cabling or bracing is an easy solution for keeping multi-trunked trees standing for many years.
  • Split Trees: Trees with splitting trunks due to previous structural damage are especially vulnerable. Cabling or bracing is needed immediately to prevent complete failure; with cables or brace rods, you can add years to your tree’s life and keep it looking beautiful.

The Importance of Hiring a Cleveland, Ohio Commercial Arborist

If you suspect that one of the trees on your commercial property is in poor structural health, contact a tree care professional as soon as possible. Failure of a large branch or an entire trunk can have serious financial consequences, including loss of the tree, property damage, or personal injury to yourself or a customer. Because cabling and bracing can have a big impact on a tree’s overall health, they should only be installed following a thorough inspection by an experienced arborist.

Protect Your Commercial Property’s Trees with VanCuren

Business owners in Northeast Ohio have protected their trees with VanCuren Tree Services for over thirty years. VanCuren’s dedicated arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and trained in the industry’s best practices when it comes to cabling and bracing trees of any size. What’s more, VanCuren uses only the highest quality cabling and bracing hardware and conducts periodic quality checks after installation, ensuring the best results for many years.

Find Out What VanCuren Can Do for Your Trees

Keep vulnerable trees from toppling on your commercial property during the next Northeast Ohio storm; contact VanCuren today to learn about our commercial cabling and bracing services and to schedule a free quote.

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  • VanCuren Services has been our “go-to” clearing contractor since 2009, tackling both residential and commercial projects across Northeast Ohio.  Most notable project include ODOT Innerbelt Bridge, Cleveland Medical Mart and the NEORSD Superior Stones project.  Dave and his crews are experienced professionals and perform each project with safety as a top priority. I can recommend them with confidence.

    - Vic DiGeronimo, Jr.( Independence Excavating, Inc. Commercial Tree Removal (May 2017) )
  • The precision in which VanCuren took down the dead trees around our home was amazing! The only way we knew VanCuren was there is that the dead trees were gone!

    - Meghan( Gates Mills, Ohio Tree Removal May 2017 )
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  • I had a lot of tree trimming done and removals and I barely noticed the crew was at our house. They did their work quickly without interfering and cleaned up very nicely.

    - Lurlie( Independence, Ohio Tree Trimming and removal May 2017 )
  • VanCuren came to my house after I left for work and when I came home, all of tree removals and trimming were completed and the yard perfectly cleaned up. Very professional company.

    - Paul( Bainbridge, Ohio Tree Removal April 2017 )