Are you Hurting your Cleveland Trees and Don’t Even Know It?

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As an experienced Cleveland tree company we have seen it all and are here to share some advice: Homeowners have been taking care of their trees in the same way for years, so it is no wonder why people may not know best practices to keep your tree at its healthiest. When you use some of those old methods, you may not know it, but you may be doing more harm than good to your trees.

Let’s find out which practices are actually encouraging or hurting your tree’s growth.

Mulch Mountain

Mulch is one way to keep your trees hydrated. It also serves as a way to moderate soil temperature while simultaneously controlling weed growth. But is there such a thing as too much mulch?

Yes! Adding a pile or mountaineering the mulch around a tree trunk will suffocate it. This locks in too much moisture which weakens the tree’s bark and leads to a weak foundation. The proper way to mulch around trees is to leave a moat about 2 or 3 inches away from the tree trunk.

Tree girdling

Girdling is usually used on fruit trees and is the process of taking off a thin outer layer of bark in an effort to produce more fruit.

Although this method may prompt your tree to produce more fruit, it will more likely kill your tree. By taking off a layer of bark, your tree is more exposed to things like bug problems. Also, cutting off pieces of bark hinders a tree’s ability to transport nutrients from the tip of the leaves all the way down to the roots. Avoid this outdated practice!

Closely planted trees

Trees need their space too! Planting trees too close together overcrowds the trees and keeps them from growing to their full potential. Your trees will be forced to fight for water and nutrients and roots will either be stunted or overlap with the neighboring tree’s. Your trees won’t last long by planting them too close together.

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Give them the space they need – pay attention to the recommended space between plants and other structures based upon how big the tree is expected to grow.

Looking for more expert advice on how to help your Cleveland trees grow big and strong? Give the VanCuren Tree Service team a call for advice, to schedule a free inspection, or for tree services such as tree removal and tree trimming.

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