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Trees have numerous benefits. They provide far more than shade or something lovely to look at in the fall. When working with tree service companies in Kirtland Hills, like Vancuren Tree Service, you can enjoy the benefits of the trees in your yard and experience all they have to offer.

In addition to beauty and shade, trees just make life nicer. Spending time outdoors and among trees can help reduce stress. In fact, studies revealed that hospital patients recovered quicker when they had easy access to outdoor spaces with trees. Another study showed that children who spent time outdoors retained more information. Also, many people love to plant trees as memorials or to commemorate special events.

Not only do you benefit from planting trees in your yard, your neighbors can too, when shade or privacy enhance their property as well. Well-placed trees also have the ability to increase property values. Shade can also slow down water evaporation for lawns.

Planting trees can also have a positive impact on your entire community. For example, streets that were lined with trees have slower, safer traffic. It can also help block unwanted views and noises from busy highways and streets. Additionally, trees can make the entire neighborhood and buildings more aesthetically pleasing. Trees are also found to reduce violence and help create more economic opportunities by creating a need for jobs that include maintaining trees. They can increase traffic in business areas.

Trees have major environmental effects too. It can reduce the urban heat island effect by evaporating, cooling, and reducing the amount of sunlight that impacts parking lots and large buildings. It can help improve air quality by filtering dust and pollutants, like ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. As everyone knows, trees are also a supplier of oxygen. They also help reduce run-off of stormwater, reduce erosion and pollution in waterways, and could help reduce effects of flooding. They also provide habitats and nutrients for local wildlife.

Strategically placed trees can help with heating and cooling your home. In the summer, trees planted on the south and west sides can provide cooling shade. In the winter, evergreen trees and shrubs planted on the northside of the house and along the foundation can provide windbreak and can reduce cooling effects of wind.

Trees also help reinforce soil by reducing erosion, increasing fertility, and helping soil retain moisture. Fallen leaves can reduce the temperature of the soil and prevent it from losing moisture. Decaying leaves fall to the ground and give nutrients to the trees as well as encourage micro-organism development.

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A handful of other benefits include shielding people from UV rays, marking the seasons, producing much-needed wood for fires or building, and providing fruit.

Not only do trees provide shade and beauty to our lawns, but they have countless other benefits as well. Get a hold of a Kirtland Hills tree service company, such as Vancuren Tree Service, to help you take care of your trees so you can reap all the benefits they have to offer!

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