Clean Up Your Yard By Removing Cleveland Heights Tree Stumps

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Should I call a Cleveland tree stump removal company? Maybe you are planning to cut down a tree at your Cleveland Heights home and you’re wondering about the remaining tree stump. Or maybe there is a tree stump on your property that has been there for a long while. Perhaps you just had a tree removed and there is a new stump in your yard. Whatever the reason, a tree stump is harmful to your property despite the fact that most homeowners tend to ignore them. Call a professional tree removal company to remove your tree stump.

Here are three reasons why you should get your tree stumps removed.

  • They are a safety hazard. Tree stumps can be hard to see and it would be easy for someone to accidentally trip over it. Also, by removing the tree stump, you will no longer have to worry about the lawn mower running into it.
  • The stump may look dead, but there’s a possibility it will re-sprout in an effort to stay alive. These new sprouts that pop up around the stump are not good substitutes and when mixed in with grass, weeds, and leaves… it can become an unattractive mess. You should get the old stump removed before planting a whole new tree if that is the route you decide to take.
  • Avoid pest problems. When the tree stump dies it will start to rot, which is a major attraction for bugs and insects like termites. If these pests make it into your home’s structure or inside your home, you could run into huge problems.

tree removal company in cleveland heights

Tree stumps cause problems and inconveniences that Cleveland Heights homeowners should not overlook. Take care to clean up your yard by scheduling to remove any tree stumps you may have on your property. Cleveland Heights tree service company VanCuren Tree Services offers everything from tree trimming, tree removal, tree stump removal, and more! If you are looking for any of these tree services, our team of experts are ready to answer your call.

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  • VanCuren Services has been our “go-to” clearing contractor since 2009, tackling both residential and commercial projects across Northeast Ohio.  Most notable project include ODOT Innerbelt Bridge, Cleveland Medical Mart and the NEORSD Superior Stones project.  Dave and his crews are experienced professionals and perform each project with safety as a top priority. I can recommend them with confidence.

    - Vic DiGeronimo, Jr.( Independence Excavating, Inc. Commercial Tree Removal (May 2017) )
  • The precision in which VanCuren took down the dead trees around our home was amazing! The only way we knew VanCuren was there is that the dead trees were gone!

    - Meghan( Gates Mills, Ohio Tree Removal May 2017 )
  • The attention to detail in clearing our property in preparation of building our new home was impeccable!

    - Matt( Gates Mills, Ohio Land Clearing May 2017 )
  • I had a lot of tree trimming done and removals and I barely noticed the crew was at our house. They did their work quickly without interfering and cleaned up very nicely.

    - Lurlie( Independence, Ohio Tree Trimming and removal May 2017 )
  • VanCuren came to my house after I left for work and when I came home, all of tree removals and trimming were completed and the yard perfectly cleaned up. Very professional company.

    - Paul( Bainbridge, Ohio Tree Removal April 2017 )