How Snow Affects Your Hunting Valley Trees – Tree Service Tips

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Northeast Ohio winters can bring blankets of heavy snow that drape themselves on our trees for months at a time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes, snow can cause permanent damage to your trees and shrubs. With the help of a Hunting Valley tree service company, like Vancuren Tree Service, helping your trees survive winter can be an easy task.

Usually, a light snow doesn’t cause harm to trees. Many plants are dormant in the winter, meaning they don’t grow. Because of this, snow and frost doesn’t really affect their growing patterns. However, it can affect their shapes. The weight of snow and ice can break branches, deform evergreen trees, and uproot plants.

Some trees are more susceptible to damage by snow and ice than others. This includes trees with more than one leader, arborvitae and juniper trees, and trees with poor form, like those with narrow branch crotches.

If you see snow pulling on branches, some people may suggest gently sweeping it off with a broom. They recommend doing this while snow is falling because if you wait until it is done, the branch’s shape may be deformed by then. However, others recommend letting the snow lie. This is because it can act as an insulator and the wind can cause exposed branches to become brittle. If you are unsure of what to do, calling a tree service company is always the best move.

Once branches are completely frozen, it is best to wait for the ice to melt before taking care of the tree. Pruning potentially hazardous branches is one of the only things you can do to prevent snow and ice damage to your trees. You should remove dead, dying or diseased branches from the tree before snow and blizzards do it for you. This way there is no damage to your tree or surrounding structures. If a tree or plant has fallen down or uprooted, you should wait until the ground thaws to straighten it.

Salt can also cause damage to trees and plants. It can aggravate damage inflicted on the trees. Runoff from roads and salt spray from traffic and snow plays can also damage trees. The runoff can also cause a salt build up in the soil that injures roots when it is absorbed. This eventually damages the foliage.

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Salt damage can be prevented by not planting trees and shrubs in areas where runoff collects or close to the streets. Use burlap barriers or reduce the amount of de-icing salt you are using. There are also alternatives to salt such as calcium magnesium acetate that does not damage trees. You could also plant salt-tolerant plants near roads and walkways where salt is usually applied.

Snow and ice do not have to be a major obstacle for your trees to overcome every winter. With proper care and knowledge, your trees can remain healthy and thrive. Of course, reaching out to tree care companies in Hunting Valley, like Vancuren Tree Service, can guarantee the health and longevity of your trees each winter.

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