Picking a Native Cleveland Tree for Spring Planting

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Cleveland Tree Company native tree planting in the spring. As you walk around your Cleveland property or neighborhood, you will probably pass by several trees that have been growing for a decade, a century, or thousands of years that have originated in Ohio. These trees are the native tree species that are commonly and naturally found in the Ohio/midwestern region.

If you are thinking about planting a new tree on your property you should consider a native tree! Not only will a native tree species thrive in the Cleveland, Ohio environment, you will contribute to the development of local wildlife. Many animals and insects such as birds, squirrels, bees, and butterflies rely upon local species of trees and plants to eat, build their homes, and fulfill their pollination duties. Unfortunately, when there are not enough local plant species available, these populations quickly decline. By planting a native tree you are actively helping the local ecosystem.

While non-native trees may look more interesting or seem like a good idea, a native tree is the better option. Native tree species are less prone to diseases and pest problems and therefore have a better chance at surviving.

Some things to consider about picking a new tree to plant
Native trees can be hard to find in the area for purchase as some places do not prioritize native plants. It will be worth the little bit of extra effort to find a local tree species, so be persistent in your search.

Although native trees are highly recommended for new planting projects, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the conditions on your property are ideal. For example, the dirt around your home may be more dense and clay-filled which is not the best for growing native trees that require a more well-draining, sandy soil consistency. Also make sure to consider the amount of shade and sun on your property.

Here is a starter list of native trees to choose from:

  • Western white pine
  • Bigleaf maple
  • Ohio buckeye
  • Black gum
  • Striped maple
  • Boxelder

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