Protecting Your Cleveland, Ohio Trees From Tornadoes

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Northeast Ohio springs can bring a myriad of weather conditions. Sometimes it’s snow, sometimes it’s heavy rain, and other times we get tornadoes. Tornadoes are the most devastating weather we get so it’s important to know how to take care of your trees when it occurs. By working with a Hunting Valley tree company like Vancuren Tree Service, you can prevent major damage to your trees and also take care of them after any major tornado or natural disaster.

Tornadoes do not always cause major damage to trees. In fact, some trees can handle tornadoes and storms better than others. It depends on the tree’s species, age, health, and structure. The amount of damage that occurs can also depend on the storm, it’s speed, wind intensity, and how much precipitation it causes. This means that just because a tornado watch occurs, it does not mean your trees are doomed.

The best thing to do, of course, is have a professional from a tree company like Vancuren Tree Service take a look at your trees to determine their likelihood for survival and what can be done to prevent damage.

The best way to protect your trees from tornado damage is to prune them before a storm. This reduces the likelihood of down limbs or trees that break, uproot, or fall over. This, in turn, decreases the chance of damage to your property as well. Why does pruning work? It decreases the wind resistance by opening the canopy and creating a stronger tree structure. Pruning also includes removing dead, broken, or diseased branches, so this reduces the likelihood of fallen branches. This is a very important step because not only can weak limbs fall or break off, but they can cause damage to healthy limbs as well. Healthy trees are obviously stronger than those that are brittle, diseased, or have structural problems and therefore, are more likely to withstand strong winds and heal from damage. You may also want to consider calling a professional to schedule an examination and ensure your tree is free of hazardous limbs.

You may also consider cabling your trees during tornado season. This makes them less likely to break suddenly when winds are high and helps them live longer. Also, when cabled, trees are better able to handle the weight of snow, ice, and dense foliage, no matter the time of year.

Also, it is important to know that trees with stronger root systems are more likely to survive. Weak roots can lead to an increased risk of a tree splitting or falling. In order to ensure a strong root system, regularly feed the trees. When essential nutrients are fed directly to the root zone, trees can anchor themselves better. To ensure a strong anchor, fertilize regularly, deep water and keep them mulched.

You should also consider protecting older trees from lightning. Because older trees are usually taller, they are more likely to be struck by lightning. Minimize this likelihood by installing a lightning protection system. This will prevent damage by moving the electricity away from the tree and down into the ground. This reduces the chance of side-flash strikes, which damage buildings and other structures.

Experts also suggest planting native trees. Since they are accustomed to your climate, they will be able to withstand its extreme weather conditions better. Also, trees planted in groups of five or more seem to withstand intense weather better than lone trees. Make sure that limbs are not near or touching power lines because this can cause major damage and hazards. Additionally, make sure that soil is not loose because this can increase the chance of a tree blowing over. Check to see how your trees react to mild winds as well. This will help you prepare for storms and possible damage to these trees.

While storms may seem difficult to prepare for, by working with a Hunting Valley tree care company like Vancuren Tree Service, you can prepare your trees for tornadoes and other natural disasters, ensure their safety, and keep them healthy and thriving.

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