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When is it time to call a Hunting Valley tree service company? While there are many reasons to call a company, like VanCuren Tree Service, one reason could be that your trees look unhealthy or you would like to assess their health. There are many things to look for that can give you clues about your trees’ health.

Leaves are a good, clear indicator of tree health. They should be the expected color during any given season. For example, in the summer, the leaves of most trees should be green, unless it’s a tree that typically has leaves of another color during summer. The leaves should also be the correct shape. They should not be irregularly shaped, stunted or damaged. Leaves of an off-color or odd shape can be indicators of malnourishment, insect damage, over or underwatering, or diseases.

The next place to look when checking up on your tree is its bark. With some exceptions, the tree’s bark should be intact. It should not be peeling or falling off the trunk. Also, the trunk should also have no large cracks or holes. One way to test the health of the bark is to scratch it with your fingernail. If the tree is green underneath the bark, then that means it is healthy. The branches should also bend easily; they should not snap and break.

On evergreen trees, there should not be bare patches, as this indicates that nutrients are not reaching the branches or damage caused by pesticides or improper pruning. Wilting leaves and stems on trees and plants alike can indicate stress, problems with water and or sunlight, whether too much or too little. Diseases can also cause this.

While a difficult metric to see, yearly tree growth is a major sign of a healthy tree. This is measured by looking at the distance between this year’s tree bud’s and the scar of last year’s buds. Each species will have varying rates of growth.

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Some signs that your tree may not be healthy are a lack of fruit or flowers, or leaking sap. The tree should also have only one leader, or one dominant trunk.

Not only can a Hunting Valley tree service company such as VanCuren help you determine the health of your trees, they can also help you keep your trees healthy and thriving.

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