Tree Root Girdling and Your Cleveland Tree’s Health

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With years of experience as a Cleveland tree company, we tend to see clients facing the same issues. A tree with healthy roots will have sprawling roots below the ground’s surface. Sometimes though, Cleveland heights homeowners will notice that, instead, their tree’s roots are wrapped around the tree trunk – it may look like they are strangling your tree. This occurrence is called girdling. Girdled roots can cause a lot of harm to your tree since it cuts off the ability to drink up water and take in nutrients.

Girdling roots can wrap partially or fully around a tree trunk and it is not always noticeable from the surface.  Linden and maple trees are most susceptible to this problem, but it can affect any type of tree.

Usually, the cause for girdling roots stems from following improper planting methods such as:

  • Failing to loosen up circling roots before planting
  • Digging to a hole too small for your tree – the tree does not have enough room to spread out
  • Making the planting hole too deep – roots will climb back up to the surface because they cannot find enough air and water

The issue could also be completely hidden underneath the surface and is therefore harder to detect and treat. If one of your trees has girdled roots it means that nutrients are not properly being dispersed throughout the tree roots. It also hinders a tree’s ability to move water back up to the leaves. There is a possibility that your tree has girdled roots if you find:

  • Dead or leafless branches in the canopy
  • A thin tree canopy
  • Dropping leaves or premature change in color before fall

The number one thing to look for is if one side of the trunk appears to be going straight into the ground, similarly to how a pole protrudes from the ground. In other words, there will be no familiar and natural outward flare to the tree trunk.

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