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Need  advice from a Cleveland Heights tree removal company? Adding a new tree to your Cleveland Heights property can be a challenge throughout the whole process of choosing the right tree, using proper planting techniques, and helping your new tree thrive in its new environment. You handled the process with immense care and followed all the best tree planting practices, so now about a week later, why does your tree look like it’s dying?

The newly planted or transplanted tree is probably going through what arborists call transplant shock. This is the term to describe a list of problems that your tree might be experiencing after being planted or transplanted such as: dropping leaves, brown leaf tips, leaf scorch, and branch dieback.

The good news is that as long as you catch it and work on it early on, there is a good chance that the tree will be able to bounce back. A dead tree and a tree in shock will look very similar. Here’s how to tell the difference: choose any twig and scratch it with a pocket knife or your fingernail. Repeat this on a few other random twigs. If you find bright green and a bit of moisture underneath then your tree is alive!

Why does tree transplant shock occur?

Trees struggle when being planted or transplanted from stress. A tree may lose a lot of its root system in the process, sometimes up to 95%. In addition to that, the small amount of roots left become dry and brittle while waiting to be replanted.

What is the solution?

Every week, water your tree’s roots with at least one inch of water. After that, add between 2-4 inches of mulch starting at the base of the tree and extend to the outermost leaves. Lastly, pull the mulch away from the trunk of the tree so that there is about a 4 inch gap for the tree to breathe. If this doesn’t work, consider how you planted the tree: was the hold deep enough or the right size? Making the right size hole when planting is crucial to the process and reduces a tree’s stress.

Once you have identified tree transplant shock and tried these solutions, it might take some patience on your part. It can take up to 5 years for a tree to become fully adjusted to its new Cleveland Heights location, but usually it only takes 1-2 years for most trees. If you have more questions about tree planting or transplant shock, you can call the professionals at Cleveland Heights tree removal company, VanCuren,  who will provide expert advice for your tree. We are also available for other tree services including tree trimming and tree removal.

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