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Landscaping doesn’t only mean adding trees to your yard. Shrubs can also make a great addition. They are great for putting around the perimeter of your home or using them as privacy barriers in your yard. Working with a Gates Mills tree company, such as Vancuren Tree Service, can help you take the best care of your shrubs and help them thrive.

So what are shrubs? Shrubs are a small or medium-sized woody plant that are usually larger than flowers but smaller than trees. They usually have many stems as opposed to the one stem or trunk you would find on a tree. They may reach anywhere from one foot to 15 feet tall and can be evergreen (keep needles/leaves in the winter) or deciduous (drop leaves in the fall).

Shrubs serve many purposes in yards, such as providing shade for smaller plants. They also add foliage, color, texture and structure to a garden. Hydrangeas are the most popular form of shrub because of their beautiful, long-lasting flowers. Other popular shrubs include butterfly bushes, azaleas, roses, and lilacs.

If you plan on planting shrubs in your yard, you should look for varieties that will grow well in your environmental conditions. Usually native species are the best.

Some tips on taking care of shrubs include:

  • Don’t plant them too close to a house, walkway, or drive way. Their roots need some space to grow.
  • Pruning occasionally will help keep the shrub’s shape and size.
  • Spring is a good time to prune some shrubs before they begin growing leaves.
  • Flowering shrubs should be pruned after they bloom so you don’t cut off flower buds before they bloom. This also encourages them to produce more buds and bloom again.
  • Watering shrubs is one of the most important things to do, especially if they are young.
  • Do not fertilize newly planted shrubs because it can cause weak and spindly growth.
  • Add mulch to help the plant maintain moisture and add micronutrients to the soil.
  • If your shrub is not growing well, cultivate the soil and add some mulch or compost. Only then if they are still not performing well, try adding fertilizer.
  • Add supplemental support to shrubs when they are young and if they are not growing straight.

Shrubs can be a great addition to your lawn or garden. Their lovely flowers and beautiful leaves are relatively easy to take care of and add much dimension to a landscape. By working with a Gates Mills tree company like Vancuren Tree Service, you can get the help you need to ensure your shrubs’ health and let them thrive.

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