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Tips and tricks from a Cleveland tree care company: When a tree seems to be having some health issues, homeowners often get out the hose to water it. Alternatively, some Cleveland homeowners lay down fertilizer or mulch in hopes that the tree will return to normal. But the reason for your tree’s declining health could actually be right under your feet… literally!

If the soil around a tree is low in nutrients, a tree has no other way of gathering enough energy to survive. Did you know that about 80% or plant problems are because of the soil? This is why it is so important to check your tree’s soil.

How will a soil test help?

A soil test measures available nutrients and the soil pH. By performing a soil test, you can know the exact nutrients that are lacking.  Secondly, a soil’s pH determines how well a tree can take in the nutrients available. If the pH is unbalanced, too low or too high, the tree will not be able to absorb the nutrients no matter how much you water or fertilize. Knowing these two pieces of information will help inform what kind of fertilizer is the perfect fit for your soil and tree’s needs.

Soil tests are easy to find at your local home improvement store or garden center and should cost no more than $10-$15. Once you have one, performing the soil test only takes 10 minutes.

To begin a soil test you will need the soil test, a trowel, and a bucket. Follow these steps to complete the test:

  • Pick a spot on your property and dig the trowel down into the soil about 6-10 inches
  • Take a small handful of soil from the 6-10 inches portion and add it to your bucket
  • Repeat 10 more times. Make sure to zigzag throughout your landscaping bed to get randomized samples
  • Mix all soil samples together in the bucket
  • Use 2 cups of the newly mixed soil to sample for the soil test

cleveland tree care company soil test

DIY or purchased soil kits are cheap and easy, but not always accurate. The best way to help your trees and get the most accurate results is by calling a professional. Cleveland tree service company, VanCuren has been providing assistance to the Cleveland area for years and would be happy to take a look at your tree, investigate your soil composition, and help you with other services you may need such as: tree trimming and tree removal.

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