Protecting Your Cleveland Trees in the Winter

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In Northeast Ohio, winters can be a roll of the dice. Sometimes we have mild, easy winters. Other times we have harsh blizzards and ice storms that take a toll on our homes and yards. By working with Gates Mills tree trimming companies, like Vancuren Tree Service, you can protect your trees from the harshest winters Northeast Ohio can bring.

Snow, harsh winds, cold temperatures, and ice can all cause damage to trees. It can bleach and dry out evergreen trees, damage bark, and injure or kill branches, flower buds, and roots. Snow and ice can pile up and break branches and knock over whole trees. Also, the salt used to de-ice streets and sidewalks can harm plants and trees. Additionally, food shortages can force animals to eat bark, twigs, flower buds, and leaves, sometimes killing trees.

Cold weather can damage plants greatly. The low temperatures can cause a lack of plant hardiness and many are unable to survive in extreme cold. While an excessive amount of snow and ice can cause trees and branches to break, a lack of snow can be damaging as well. Snow cover insulates plants from the wind and subzero temperatures. Also, dry conditions going into the winter can cause plant tissues to be more susceptible to the cold, especially evergreen trees.

Roots can be damaged because they do not become dormant as quickly as stems, branches, and other parts of the tree. Covering roots of new trees and shrubs with about 3-4 inches of mulch can help prevent damage to roots. It also prevents roots from forming around and girdling the tree.

Frost can also damage plants. Frost heaving is the repeated freezing and thawing of soil in the fall and spring. This causes the soil to expand and contract, which damages roots and can heave the plants out of the ground. Adding a layer of mulch can help the soil retain moisture and prevent heaving.

Sunscald occurs when there are elongated, sunken, dried, or cracked areas of bark on the trees. On cold days, the sun can warm the bark and stimulate the tissue. But when the sun is blocked, the temperature drops rapidly and kills the tissue. Young trees with thin bark are more susceptible to this than older trees with thick bark. This can be prevented by wrapping white guards around the trunk in order to reflect the sun and keep the bark at a constant temperature.

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Dieback is when shoots and buds on trees or shrubs die. Not much can be done to prevent this. The best thing to do is to put some plants in sheltered areas. Also, avoid pruning in the late summer.

Browned or bleached evergreen foliage can also occur. Winter sun and wind can cause foliage to lose water excessively. In the winter, roots are frozen so they are unable to replace the lost water. This results in tissue drying out and becoming brown because chlorophyll cannot resynthesize below 28 degrees.

The cold can wreak havoc on trees and shrubs. It’s important to learn how to protect them properly. To ensure success in doing so, enlist the help of Gates Mills tree care companies like Vancuren Tree Service. Prepare your trees for the harsh winters that take place in Northeast Ohio so that they can bloom and thrive in the springtime.

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