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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW About Shrubs | Gates Mills Tree Care

Landscaping doesn’t only mean adding trees to your yard. Shrubs can also make a great addition. They are great for putting around the perimeter of your home or using them as privacy barriers in your yard. Working with a Gates Mills tree company, such as Vancuren Tree Service, can help you take the best care […]

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Cleveland, Ohio Winter Tree Pests You Should Know About!

During cold winters, trees often find themselves hosts to many creatures, including unwanted pests. These pests can cause serious damage to your trees, especially if they are not noticed until spring or summer. By working with a Waite Hill tree company like Vancuren Tree Service, you can take the best possible care of your trees, […]

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Attracting Wildlife With Trees in Ohio

Trees have the ability to enhance your property not only by making it more beautiful, but by attracting local wildlife. Doing so can help sustain, enhance, and even restore local ecosystems, even in urban areas. A Hunting Valley tree care company like Vancuren Tree Service can help you decide which trees will be best for […]

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Cleveland, Ohio Tree Care in The Fall

In the Cleveland area, we are lucky enough to experience all four seasons, including many people’s favorite- autumn. If you have lots of trees and shrubs on your lawn, then you’re extra lucky because you get to see the beauty of all the leaves turning extraordinary colors! In order to help your trees look as […]

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Cleveland, Ohio Specific Tree-caring Tips

In Northeast Ohio, we’re lucky enough to experience all four seasons. Because of our warm summers and sometimes harsh winters, some trees can thrive on our lawns while others may suffer. Working with a tree care company in Waite Hill, like Vancuren Tree Service, can help you decide which trees are best for your property […]

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Where to Buy New Trees – Cleveland Tree Advice

So you’ve decided you want a tree. What’s next? Where do you get one? Are there different options? Once you do finally decide where to buy trees, you can contact a tree service company in Gates Mills, like Vancuren Tree Service, to help you learn how to take care of your new trees and maintain […]

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Where is the Best Place to Plant Trees? Cleveland Tree Advice

Planting trees in your yard can be a great decision. They add beauty, shade, and even protection from the elements to your property. But only if you plant them in the right place. Putting them in the wrong spot can cause more problems than you bargained for and can even result in damage to your […]

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What To Know About Growing Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are some of the best trees you could put into your yard. How amazing would it be to have fresh, juicy apples or peaches in your backyard? Not only would picking them be a great pastime, but imagine the money you could save and the quality of your fruit. Hunting Valley-based tree companies, […]

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Tree Thinning Basics – What You Need to Know

In Northeast Ohio, trees and forests are abundant. For many of us, we buy a property that has acres of woods or an orchard. When this is the case, it’s important to understand the process of thinning and its purpose. With the assistance of tree trimming companies in the Kirtland Hills area, like Vancuren Tree […]

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Tree Care Supplemental Support – What You Need to Know!

Sometimes trees get broken or damaged and need extra support. This is where the concept of supplemental support comes in. Tree care experts in the Hunting Valley area, like Vancuren Tree Service, can be of great help when it comes to caring for your trees and providing them with supplemental support so that they can […]

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  • VanCuren Services has been our “go-to” clearing contractor since 2009, tackling both residential and commercial projects across Northeast Ohio.  Most notable project include ODOT Innerbelt Bridge, Cleveland Medical Mart and the NEORSD Superior Stones project.  Dave and his crews are experienced professionals and perform each project with safety as a top priority. I can recommend them with confidence.

    - Vic DiGeronimo, Jr.( Independence Excavating, Inc. Commercial Tree Removal (May 2017) )
  • The precision in which VanCuren took down the dead trees around our home was amazing! The only way we knew VanCuren was there is that the dead trees were gone!

    - Meghan( Gates Mills, Ohio Tree Removal May 2017 )
  • The attention to detail in clearing our property in preparation of building our new home was impeccable!

    - Matt( Gates Mills, Ohio Land Clearing May 2017 )
  • I had a lot of tree trimming done and removals and I barely noticed the crew was at our house. They did their work quickly without interfering and cleaned up very nicely.

    - Lurlie( Independence, Ohio Tree Trimming and removal May 2017 )
  • VanCuren came to my house after I left for work and when I came home, all of tree removals and trimming were completed and the yard perfectly cleaned up. Very professional company.

    - Paul( Bainbridge, Ohio Tree Removal April 2017 )